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Statement from Kereen Streete

MSFDN’ – A commitment very close to my heart. Michael Streete Foundation is here to ensure that ‘the voice’ of positive change is created to its entirety to all worldwide. This voice will raise crucial awareness of Sickle Cell Anaemia and other blood disorders and vital funds towards research, obtaining accurate facts and statistics and provide sufferers and their loved ones a confidential place to confide, be involved, obtain guidance and gain more information where necessary.

Losing my brother to Sickle Cell Anaemia has truly been an experience that words could never explain. It has taken a long time to understand and come to terms with, often I realise that in fact, I’m not allowing it to sink in as those moments I have of absolute consciousness are inconceivable.

My strength has to come from keeping Michael’s name alive and in knowing that he would want me to do everything in my power to make the changes that are very much needed. Many projects and ideas are currently underway and being developed to help transform goals into a reality but for MSFDN to work towards Its mission, it’s vital for us to secure partnership, sponsorship, supporters and funding to enable positive change.

I really do hope for your support on this journey, I promise to do absolutely everything I can to ensure our mission is fulfilled beyond even my own expectation. It’s time for change.

– Kereen Streete

Past & Current' supporters, partners & sponsors of MSFDN - Bringing everybody together as one...